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With over 350 million sites worldwide and an infrastructure growing 45% annually, the Internet is quickly becoming the single biggest force in our lives. As a result, notable web destinations (links) are more important than ever before.

Currently, 87 percent of the over 98 million online Americans spend an average of 45 minutes a day accessing the Internet. This translates into over 230,000 years a month of US cyber time, most of which is squandered due in part to misguided users and substandard links.

A recent study suggested that "bad" links are directly responsible for the growing epidemic of Internet Rage now sweeping the globe. This, combined with the disappointments of e-government and the potential threat of online economic mass victimization, has left the average Internet user scared, battered and confused.

Good links can help. They're our shining beacons in an ever expanding, binary fog. Even with 40% of all Internet users being subjected to some kind of content filtering, good links are still trying to help and reach us all.

And when they do, the results are miraculous. A recent survey discovered 53% of all wired moms claim that good links are instrumental in bringing their families closer together. The survey went on to reveal that without decent links, most families would quickly break apart and turn to drugs or crime.

But what of the 180 million offline Americans, 57% of which said they "definitely will not" go online in the near future? How can good links help those who wander outside the digital commonwealth?

There are no real answers. Instead, what's left is this modest collection of web sites. Each one, a sparkling gem that refracts the diversity and boundless charm of the Internet. Use them, share them and be grateful. Suggestions via email are always welcome.

-- vonHeffelfinger

Darren - Despite years of neglect, there is still hope that updates are coming someday.
Evany - Assortment of interesting professional articles and humorous personal writings.
Franklin - Reminding everyone of that eternal aphorism, "Tutta l' arte per le signore."
Glamour Pussies - Punk girls with a talent for unambiguous puns and sexy innuendos.
Ian - Graphic designer faces the unpleasant reality of life in Oregon by drawing comics.
Josh - Retired from the information distribution game, he now scribes funny readables.
Medley - Wrestling and tiki lounge links as well as his sister's epic comic, Castle Waiting.
Paul - Brainy, oulipian writing exercises, complete with a gallery of darling kitty pictures.
Surya - Middle school pal, now nineteen years later, here is his graphic design portfolio.

Asian Prince - Wo-Hen's sexy self-tribute sets out to seduce unsuspecting princesses.
Chuck Zito - He looks into the tiger's eyes every day and learns from its ferocious leer.
David Marks - Private investigator, security expert, war hero and gregarious Floridian.
Fat Chicks in Party Hats - Demonstrative homage to the neorubenesque movement.
Fugly - Dedicated to the principle that we are all gorgeous, in our own really gross way.
Rapper Dentist - For a mouth full of jewelry, Rapper Dentist Daddy has your hook up.
Rubberburner - Discover Curry's unbridaled confidence and refined attention to style.
Super Greg - Nobody brings the old school beats like the original, Super Greg Concept.
Trailer Park - Meet Gregg from White rock Ariazona and his extended, prodigious clan.

Captain Euro - The most intriguing and action packed currency converter in the world.
Jodi - What exists beyond the idealistic purview of super sparkling, fun time nonsense?
Kittyville - A smattering hodgepodge of entertaining stories and pictures and whatnot.
Landover Baptist - "Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats" Corinthians I,  6:13.
Momo - Probing profile of the notoriously cute Mesocricetus auratus, Momotaro Hirata.
Mumbleboy - Strange and endlessly imaginative, the way animation was meant to be.
News of the Weird - Escape the doldrums of fiction with this trove of current truisms.
The Onion - Unparalleled faux news and editorial writings on various, important issues.
Superbad - Foremost resource for artsy, poignant surrealism in an interactive context.
The Therapist - Enter the complex and phenomenal quagmire of deep psychoanalysis.

Conventions - Sponsor of the public's right to spend good money on aging, sci-fi actors.
Fonts - Liven up even the most unexciting typography with a couple of decorative fonts.
Long & Short - Rockers old and new, beware the brutal honesty of seasoned groupies.
NIAC - A federally funded organization that fosters ultramodern theories and proposals.
Pikachizer - Chu, pika pi chu. Pi chu ka chu, pi chu. Ka pika pi chu, pi pi chu. Pi pikachu.
Pote - Online text editor offers a convenient alternative for busy wordsmiths on the go.
Soaps - SOD is daytime televisions's most connected news outlet and cannot be ignored.
Sodaplay - The constructor is not a simple web toy, it is the tool of tomorrow's dreams.
Ukiah - Northern California's finest living example of a gloomy, little Highway 101 town.

Back to Basics - ORI software can turn any dreary computer into a renegade sampler.
Dot Matrix Printers - Ode to the most wonderfully percussive instrument in the office.
Hawaiian Radio - Classic music from the big island, streamed in a variety of resolutions.
Metal Radio - Headbanger rock is alive and well via the 'loudest dot com on the planet'.
Terminator X - Finally, a realtime synthesizer that can "scratch" digitally sampled audio.
Text to Speech- Recite your favorite poems with this wonderful feature from Bell Labs.

Chiropractics - Alternative health care for animals including an illustrated 'horse move'.
Guide Horses - The future of tiny horses looks brighter thanks to pioneers like Cuddles.
Western Classifieds - For all your pet & livestock needs, "They have a wide selection."

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