Electronic Arts
  • Sims 3
    Jokes and junk for Maxis' flagship title.

Coverage of the 2004 GDC audio keynote address.

Comprehensive tutorial for web graphic newbies.

News articles for those dealing with glaucoma.

I am Russian Robot
Co-written overnight for a 24 hour one-act festival.

The Zitts
Two cartoon scripts that really get under your skin. Dream Therapy
One man's daily grind is another man's cry for help.

Blake at Home
Skit entry for a David Mamet parody contest.

Spiritus Datum
A full-length teleplay for the science fiction series, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Quasi Fresco
First act of an epic play about love, jealousy, and a secret tropical fourth reich movement.

The Saddams
Behind-the-scene look at a team of despot doubles.

Bouncy Shoes
Betrayal is often the mother of invention.

From Here to There
A pleasant little journey into nothing.

'91 Bordeaux
Drunken tale of witless international boasting.

World War I and the First World War
A favorite high school exercise in redundancy.

600 Degrees Will Kill Anything
Pizza pie and passive-aggressive angst in small town California.

Harvey and Leon
The ripple effect of male menopause has never been more clumsily explored.

Captain Hawking and the Space Hawks
Grant proposal to create the coolest educational cartoon series ever.

Golden Girls LIVE
Grant proposal to theatrically reproduce the 80's sitcom for geriatric charites.

Then & Now
Illustrated examples of how times have changed.

Rufo Encounter
Interactive story between you and a baby cat darling.

Poetry Bits
Tiny snippets of extreme poetic genius.

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