An open, white room. Dr. Egan sits at a table; his briefcase
   is on the floor. He flips through a notebook until he gets to
   the right page and starts to write. A small teenage boy
   enters and sits at the opposite end of the table.

                       DR. EGAN
             Hello, Matthew.

             Hi, Dr. Egan sir.

                       DR. EGAN
             Matthew, I know we've only had a
             few sessions, but you never have to
             call me sir.

             Okay, Dr. Egan.

   Dr. Egan continues to write and hasn't yet looked at Matthew.

                       DR. EGAN
             I was very excited by our progress
             last week and I wanted to pick up
             where we left off. We were
             discussing goals. Do you remember

             Yes, I remember.

                       DR. EGAN
             You told me you often dream of
             being a record producer.

             Yeah well, I looked into that and
             there are too many interchangeable
             terms. Channels and circuits and
             busses and paths and routes… it's
             all very intimidating.

                       DR. EGAN
             You just have to start at the

             That is the beginning. Besides,
             it's not what I really dream about.

                       DR. EGAN
             Tell me, Matthew. Tell me about 
             your dreams.

   Dr. Egan looks up and into Matthew's eyes, eagerly
   anticipating his repose.

             Well, lately, I've been dreaming
             about bread.

   Dr. Egan sighs and begins to write again.

                       DR. EGAN
             Yes, you already told me about your
             bread dreams. We're not going to
             discuss those now.

             But I'm still having them. It's
             been weeks now and my only dreams
             have been of bread; still pictures
             of bread. Loaves mostly, but slices
             too. Sometimes I get these close-up
             flashes and I can see the grain.

                       DR. EGAN
             Matthew, we are not discussing
             those kinds of dreams right now.

             Why not? I want to talk about them.

                       DR. EGAN
             Because I'm not convinced they're

             Who would make up bread dreams?

                       DR. EGAN
             Someone desperately trying to be
             different. You say these types of
             things for attention, Matthew. We
             talked about this issue last week.
             And now we're off from my original
             point, which was not to discuss
             your sleeping dreams, but your
             dreams in life, your aspirations.

             That's fine, Dr. Egan. For
             starters, I'd like some plot to my
             sleeping dreams. I aspire for
             something to happen to the bread.

   Dr. Egan barely looks up at Matthew.

                       DR. EGAN
             Matthew, if you're not going to
             take these discussions seriously,
             then I'll simply call for the

             No, we can talk. You want to know
             about my goals and aspirations in

                       DR. EGAN
             Yes, Matthew. That's what we're
             discussing today.

             I'm not sure where to start. I
             guess I just want to be tired.

                       DR. EGAN
             What does that mean, Matthew?

   Dr. Egan looks at Matthew intently.

             I'm never tired. I sleep all the
             time, but I'm never really tired. I
             want to need a rest.

                       DR. EGAN
             Then move your body more. Go
             outside and work.

             Is that my only option?

                       DR. EGAN
             Matthew, your options are endless.
             You just need to get out there.

             I know. There's so much I want to
             do. I want to draw words on spider
             webs without the spider knowing and
             I want to…

                       DR. EGAN
             Matthew, you're doing it again.


                       DR. EGAN
             Being weird for it's own sake. Now
             listen to me, Matthew. I want you
             to focus this week on your goals
             and aspirations. I want you to
             think about who you are and who you
             want to be and then we can discuss
             a plan to make those dreams happen.
             Do you understand, Matthew?

             Yes, Dr. Egan.

   Dr. Egan notices Matthew's change in tone.

                       DR. EGAN
             What is it Matthew?

             I understand what you're saying
             about the weird stuff and all and I
             really will think about my goals
             and aspirations this week. I was
             just hoping you could tell me
             something about my bread dreams.

                       DR. EGAN
             I don't know, Matthew.

             Anything. What do you think they
             mean. I really want to know.

                       DR. EGAN
             Maybe you're hungry.

   Matthew looks confused as Dr. Egan goes back to writing in
   his notebook.

             That might be it.

                       DR. EGAN
             Think about what I told you,
             Matthew. I'll see you next week.

   Matthew gets up from the chair and walks off stage. Dr. Egan
   continues to write, apparently awaiting his next patient.

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