Broken Paper Heap


“If civil war sergeants sat on the same spot,

then colonel cacophony blots out Pol Pot.”


Says the young man

from South Carolina.

Again he continues,

this time much finer.


“I am the element tide,

like elephant pride.

Some elemental elephant Al,

am I.”


Then everyone stops at the Savoy.

Their big pachyderm stomps

add more pomp

than circumstance.

And silk circus pants

do stretch and then split.

Make a nude slip out the slit in the top.




Cancer Warts Do Steal Them


Wouldn’t stronger fish nicer

Stinging fish, blast-blast

Hog and fish alike?


Now hog can tiny sip and gulp

Sad fish too hard to swallow

Sore gills, bad hog to laugh.




Chemically Induced Supernatural Inabilities


I can fly

No you can’t

I can try

Go ahead


Ow, I fell

I told you so

It doesn’t hurt

It will tomorrow



I Saw You Poop

Out in the woods
I turned a corner
There you were,
squatting like a crab
And then the poop came out
I watched it come out
There was nothing you could do
I saw you poop



My Camembert


Camembert, you’re a treasure on Earth

Camembert, you don’t know what you’re worth

to me.


You’re much better than Brie


And I think that it’s only fair

for me to share

My Camembert


Where were you

When I needed you most?

A dry piece of toast

Has no reason to boast

When you’re not there.

My Camembert




You Can Drive Faster Than That


No one is in front of you

And the weather is great

The roads in good condition

And it’s perfectly straight.


The car’s been finely tuned

And it’s rolling downhill.

Some asshole’s right behind you

But you’re still going slow.






Strange Winds

Blew Through

Past Blue

Mood Sounds


Through strange

Blue Winds

Sounds Blew

Moods Through


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