Summer 2005

I wrote all of the in-game text for the PC version, and some for console. In addition to tutorial text and event descriptions, I primarily wrote:







Tiger Woods 2006 PC featured newspaper articles from different time periods and with embedded player stats. I wrote dozens of these articles, each between 550-575 characters in length. The following is a small sample of these articles:


1850-1910 Tournament Win

No Winners Chorus for Old Tom Morris
Old Tom Morris ain’t what he used to be, or at least that’s what they’re saying at the clubhouse tonight. In one of the most exciting games in St. Andrews’ history, [player name] won the [winnings] top prize by finishing [match score] holes ahead of Morris.

Spectators were awed by [player name]’s command of the course. One particularly old salt admitted, “When he sank that last putt on the 18th, it shivered me timbers something fierce.” People are already talking about the upcoming match between [player name] and Old Tom Morris, scheduled for later this month.

1910-1931 Tournament Win

Rumble at Pumpkin Ridge
The results are in and [player name] has come out smelling like a rose at this year’s [event name] Tournament. His four round [total score] total earned him the #[place] spot, as well as [winnings] in winnings. “That’s a lot of scratch,” said one spectator, who was later pinched for pick pocketing.

Thinking the match would be duck soup, little Timmy Shortknocker quickly found himself in a jam. “I tried to tighten the screws,” he said, “but [player name] was just hitting on all eight.” When asked what happened to his short game, he replied, “I know from nothing.”

1961-1980 Tournament Win

Nicklaus Told “Hit the Road, Jack”
The much anticipated match between [player name] and Jack Nicklaus came to a dramatic conclusion today, with [player name] winning by a [match score] hole lead. After a congratulatory handshake, Nicklaus advised his opponent not to blow the [winnings] winnings at a nearby Las Vegas casino.

Stunned Nicklaus fans were less magnanimous, describing the match as a “real drag.” However, supporters of [player name] have come to expect this level of play from their favorite golfer. “This dude just keeps on trucking,” said one hippie fan, adding “Make putts, not war!”

Re-defeat Ben Hogan

Hogan No Hero Today
[player name] has shocked the golf world again by besting Ben Hogan in a rematch at Reflective Bay. He finished with a [match total] hole lead over Hogan, much to everyone’s surprise. “One loss can be a fluke,” said a longtime fan, “but back to back defeats are hard to ignore.”

Also hard to ignore is the effect [player name] is having with fans of the game. One excited spectator and ex-Pointer Sisters groupie was seen holding a sign reading, “I want a golfer with a slow hand.” With his careful approaches and soft putting, it’s clear this fan has [player name] in mind.




The articles were part of a full-page newspaper layout that included fake news pieces the player could not read. The only legible aspect to these articles was the headlines, which had to be between 20-25 characters each. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Robot Learns to Love
  2. Caped Crusader Missing
  3. New 50 lb Hamburger
  4. Cat Inherits Fortune
  5. Miracle Cure Misplaced
  6. Billionaire Wins Lottery
  7. Mime Breaks Silence
  8. Circus Bear Rampage
  9. Psychic Predicts Future
  10. Teenager Feels Moody
  11. Couple Wed in Volcano
  12. Thief Robs Own House
  13. Auctioneer Loses Voice
  14. Baldness Gene Isolated
  15. Very Slow News Day

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