Here are a few brief stories I have written. The stories here date back a few years. I continue to write but very sparingly. This may be a curse or a blessing for you. However, I do promise to put up more content as I become better organized around this stuff. If you like anything you read, drop us a note.

Cottonwood Party
a story about a few kids just hanging out in the Valley. This story is not based in fact. All characters names and actions are purely fictional and any similarity to persons living or dead is completely unintentional.

Alice Roberts is a Ghost
This is a story about noticing something you are about to lose, losing it, and then realizing what you should have done with it in the first place.

Rufo vs. Oedipus
Kitties can't solve mysteries! Or can they...?
this story is not ready for publication, but it is coming soon. Title listed purely for temptation.

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