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Interior kitchen. Sophia is sitting at the kitchen table admiring an antique kaleidoscope. Dorothy enters from the Living Room door.

Oh Dorothy I'm glad you're home. I was just upstairs poking around in the attic and look what I found... you're grandmother's antique kaleidoscope. Here, take a look.

Ma, you must really think I'm stupid.

What, we don't have an attic?

Sophia Shows Dorothy the Kaleidoscope

Dorothy walks over to the kitchen sink.

I am not falling for this. It's another one of your practical jokes. If I look through that, I'll get charcoal all around my eye.

All right Dorothy, fine. Why don't we just call a truce with a nice piece of peanut brittle.

Sophia extends a canister of peanut brittle to Dorothy. Dorothy walks towards the table.
Dorothy Circles Her Eye With Her Finger

Come on ma, the peanut brittle is an even older gag than the kaleidoscope. I'll open the can, snakes will come out. Honey, face it. I am too smart for you. I am not falling for any more of your practical jokes.

Dorothy sits down at the table and collapses a whoopee cushion, causing an embarrassing flatulent sound. Dorothy's face remains stunned and shocked for several seconds. Sophia really laughs it up.
Sophia Offers Dorothy Some Peanut Brittle

Except for this whoopee cushion.

Dorothy gets up from that seat and moves to another. Sophia opens the can of peanut brittle, takes out a piece and puts it in her mouth triumphantly. Blanche enters from the back Kitchen entrance.

Well, you will not believe what happened to me today. I still do not believe it myself and you won't believe it either.
Dorothy's Response To The Whoopie Cushion

What Blanche?

I don't want to talk about it.

Blanche exits through the Kitchen door into the Living Room. Cut to:
Dorothy and Sophia Talking To Blanche

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