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Interior, the Living Room. Scene 6 picks up where scene 5 left off. All three girls are standing together in front of the couch.

You too?

He asked me last Thursday.

Well I am stunned.

Rose, Blanche and Dorothy In the Living Room

Blanche sits down on the couch. Rose sits down beside her.

I'm relieved.


Well sure, the woman you saw in those horrible drawings must have been Dorothy.
Rose Sits Next To Blanche

Dorothy glares at Rose for several seconds.

Oh! This has got to be one of the worst days in my life. Not one, but two of my best friends just stabbed me right in the back.
Dorothy Glares At Rose

Oh come on Blanche. Did you really expect us to turn Laszlo down? You said yourself it was a chance to become immortalized in a classic work of art.

Blanche gets up and declares...

Horse pucky.

She walks toward the kitchen door and turns.

You went for the same reason Rose went, to get your hands on my man.

Blanche walks through the kitchen door. Rose and Dorothy follow. Cut to:
Blanche At The Kitchen Door

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