Golden Links is a collection of the best websites devoted to the TV series The Golden Girls and the actresses who starred in the show. If you have would like to add to Golden Links, please do so by emailing the URL to or use the email link in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

In the Lime Light
As the definitive online resource and tribute to Bea Arthur, Lime Light provides a wealth of nicely arranged Bea media and information.

Bea Arthur Bea Naked
A tongue-in-cheek homage that includes pictures, sound bites and even a small store.

House of Diabolique
The 1992 American Comedy Awards showcased Bea Arthur doing the "Urkel Dance" with actor Jaleel White. This site documents that amazing event with actual screen shots and Real Audio.

The Tuckahoe Terror
The most comprehensive online resource for the TV series Maude includes a complete episode guide, audio clips, trivia and quizzes.

Birthday Countdown
A countdown of the remaining days until Bea's May 13th birthday. In 2002 she will turn 79.

Bea Arthur's Underpants
Cocktail recipe requiring Mountain Dew, vodka, beer and honey.


Betty White Online
A work-in-progress site with potential to be a great resource for information and other media pertaining to Ms. White.

The Night Before Christmas
Real Audio of Betty reading the famous Christmas poem in front of
a live studio audience.


Katie's Ultimate Rue McClanahan Fan Site
A wonderful tribute and resource site devoted to all things Rue, Katie offers a variety of content including a great autograph section.

Blanche Online
This is one of the best online tributes to the Golden Girls and the character Blanche. From the Flirt School to a detailed look at the Golden Girls house, this site has it all and in German too.

Birthday Countdown
A countdown of the remaining days until Rue's February 21th birthday. In 2000 she will turn 65.


All About Estelle Getty
A tribute page with links, quotes and other information. Hopefully there are plans in the near future to add a picture gallery.

Birthday Countdown
A countdown of the remaining days until Estelle's July 25th birthday. In 2000 she will turn 76.

Maverick Mother and TV Trailblazer
Comprehensive article examining Estelle's rich professional history.

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The following is a list of the best Golden Girls related websites. They are divided into three categories; Fan Sites, TV Archives and Misc..

Ultimate Golden Girls Site
The biggest online resource for the Golden Girls with show information, actor profiles and a great deal of original content including new scripts, polls and trivia games.

Golden Girls Picture Gallery
This Gallery offers a stunning collection of rare Golden Girls pictures. Promo collages from past TV guide issues rank amongst the most interesting.

Golden Girls Trivia
Test your knowledge with this fun collection of challenging Golden Girls trivia games. You might even learn something.

The Golden Girls Zone
In addition to character profiles, the Zone has the only online directory of St. Olaf slang from dubbed German versions of the show.

Scarecrow's Soundstage
Scarecrow offers up over a dozen actual sound clips from the show and he promises more to come.

Website Golden Girls
This work in progress site is currently developing a detailed episode guide.

THE Golden Girls Quotes
A huge collection of quotes from the show.

@ccess The Golden Girls   
A well designed site with great screenshots and accompanying quotes..

Lifetime's Golden Girls Page
Lifetime broke all expectations with their online treatment of the Golden Girls. This site is a fantastic information resource providing a complete and detailed episode guide, character and actor profiles and other information about the show.

Nick At Night Archive
Basic information with links to other Golden Girls related information within the Nick At Night site.

Classic TV
Bare bones information with MIDI and Real Audio versions of the opening theme song.

80's TV Themes
An interesting site that provides Real Audio versions of every 80's television theme song including the Golden Girls.

Golden Girls Coffeehouse
Quickly register with this Yahoo newsgroup to become a part of the exciting online Golden Girls community. Enjoy diverse opinions from fans around the world.

German Episode Guide
Helping to prove the global appeal of the Golden Girls, this site lists every episode of the show in Nietzsche's native tongue.