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Mission Statement

Mess is a cooperative of professionals that offer senior consulting services in Web application development. We strive to deliver the best consulting services we can. Our wide range of services, experience and competitive rates make Mess a smart and viable alternative. Mess endeavors to help all of our employees achieve the best work environment and most convenient work schedules possible.


Creativity - Creativity in ones passion for new work, new ideas, and new technologies supports the inspiration Mess Enterprises draws upon to make work fun.

Integrity - Respect, professionalism, courtesy, and trust build credibility and integrity. Without these important elements, trust cannot be gained. Mess demonstrates its integrity to our clients through our communication, manners, and work ethic.

Individuality - Mess respects and values the individual who shares their knowledge, skills and ideas through their work. The individual is respected for their diversity. Individuals have the right to their privacy, to their comfort, and Mess will always preserve these rights.

Efficiency - Speed is not the answer. Panic will never do. Efficiency, backed by clear and thoughtful design, always represents the most efficient way to deliver excellent service, products, and ideas.

Leadership - Driven by our unique and creative vision, Mess Enterprises values the leadership shown by its employees and customers, who use their direction and drive to outperform other consulting companies.

A Brief History

In 1996 was born. The original Mess was a place for the founders to post favorite links, funky home made art, and dedications for artists, family, and our other personal pursuits.

About seven years ago, in November 1998, Mess Enterprises started a web services company that consisted of two people, working frenetically to get as many contracts as possible. Later toward the end of 1999, we made the business official, and incorporated Mess Enterprises as the number of our clients and employees grew.

We wanted to become a place where web professionals could provide quality work on their own terms. We pooled our efforts to create a company that values the employee most of all. Our goal was to create an environment which praised professionalism, individuality, and high quality work.

Mess employs a number of independent senior consultants that provide our clients specific technical and creative services. We also employ a small cluster of permanent employees dedicated to bringing Mess projects to light or launching new media ventures. We hope that you return to Mess frequently as we grow and expand our service offerings, our original content, and best of all, our amazingly fun online games.

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