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Mess Enterprises is devoted to offering clients application development for any industry, coordination efforts in the engineering space, and creative consulting expertise for Web site creation or revision.

Clients who work with Mess Enterprises receive top quality service. Send us an outline of your project, and we will be glad to help. Click on any of the small logos below to read detailed descriptions of previous work we have done for our clients.

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Sybase contracted Mess Services to integrate Intershop and Story Server into an online offering of products and services. From late February to mid August 2001, Mess worked with Sybase IT to create a framework portal design where the two application servers work together. This work included developing and integrating databases, customizing web applications (TCL and Perl modules), defining user interface designs (templates and style sheets) and creating localization standards.

Databases - Based on business requirements and legacy systems, it was necessary to not only guide Sybase teams on the use and extension of the Intershop 4 database schema, but to also create and modify Sybase source tables to accommodate a full integration in-house practices with the store interface.

   Development - Created new source system tables to display currency. Created new customer and address tables to handle partner contract and tier level pricing details (discount percent, volume percent, places of business). Created new line item offer tables to sort and group related items and support products within appropriate software families. Created new use of existing default tables and columns to better support the legacy system integration. Wrote specific design and physical feature specifications for regional formatting module and shipping rate module. Created granular shipping rate schedule tables for multiple carriers and weight-based shipping charges.

   Integration - Based on business requirements and legacy product, pricing and ordering systems, custom tables were created to retain customer registration pricing structures, and support requirements. Mess also recommended and created custom tables for extended customer data , booking component details, and discount and support pricing. Also extended store default tables to track accepted currencies and accepted payment methods. For order feedback, extended existing tables to carry shipping information; including carrier id tracking numbers and carrier URLs.

Web Applications - Guided a team of contractors in the design and development of the Intershop 4 store application, using DHTML, CSS, Java, Perl , XML, and Sybase 11.9.2 database.

   Development -Implemented store HTML designs into dynamic store template functions. Instructed Intershop contractors in the use of default and custom functionality designed by Mess Enterprises. Aided the current east coast production store in resolving SSS problems in current routines and module functions. Acted as a liaison between Sybase and Intershop Communications to communicate and document errors in the current store. Wrote programmatic design specifications for Intershop development team to use in creating a framework-compliant solution.

   Integration - Registered database hooks to initiate a session state for all customers on remote login to Story Server portal. This allowed immediate pricing and store category filtering using cookies and server proxies. Coded TCL procedural calls into Intershop templates to pick up currency formatting and rounding values for product prices. Aided the Sybase Business and Business analyst Teams in the documentation and recommendation of development implementations within Story Server and Intershop. Architect for a proxy solution which allows Story Server to call Intershop. Created XML templates to allow Story Server cart line item details and order subtotals.

User Interfaces - Participated in the design and standardization of the Sybase portal, utilizing style sheets, graphic creation, and Web design guidelines. Provided input on redesign mockups, created original graphics, and instructed other contractors on the extension of existing and new style sheet templates.

Localization Standards - Designed new company wide localization standards for handling money, dates, times and language. Also developed formatting standard for display of money, date and time values within an international store application.


Mess worked with for the first seven months of 2000. We assisted this company from their beginning prelaunch phase with prototype review through its 2nd software release improving the feature set. During this contract, we provided the following services; defined product features, recruited and trained employees, wrote specifications, coded and programmed HTML, JavaScript, SQL and JSP, provided software consulting and support, defined and proposed development standards, and fostered international communication throughout the company.

Defined Product Features - Mess helped design, create and produce the gambling application system administrator module, content management module, and customer support applications. We initiated the creation of key areas in the site like the 'My Flutters' area, where gamblers can track their winnings, losings, and overall bet activity.

Recruited and Trained Employees - Mess performed recruiting and employee review functions to help build their company's engineering unit. We performed new employee orientations to all incoming permanent or contract engineers and designers. Mess also facilitated the creation of a QA and IT department by bringing in new hires and recruiting contract employees. Mess assisted in the training of contract QA testers as well as the newly hired QA manager and lead. Mess also led the training and work flow of all contract and permanent designers and front end coders through the 2nd release cycle.

Wrote Feature Specification Solutions - Mess was responsible for writing technical specifications for new features and reporting functions of the site. We wrote marketing specifications for proposed functionality in the front end and back end applications for community features and Account information. We also wrote design specifications for the 2nd product release cycle to enhance the My Stuff area, to improve navigation, and to further the development of communities based on personalization profiles. At the end of our contract, Mess wrote a final handoff document for engineers and designers in London and San Francisco to continue their development through the third product release cycle.

Programming and Integrated Code - Mess Enterprises coded all front end and back end JSP pages utilizing HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, while integrating the Java libraries and SQL query statements. We did this through a three tier BEA WebLogic application that imports Java classes and libraries into the server side include environment. This enabled engineering to create the betting engine and user account areas, content management, bet resolution systems and site reporting infrastructure. Mess built conditional logic and data loops in JSP pages to utilize Java classes created by the engineering department. We integrated all Java functionality into HTML includes built and designed in-house from the ground up.

Recommended, Installed and Maintained Software - Mess Enterprises identified and recommended all front end application purchases, as well as 3rd party community software for the site. Mess chose and installed the quality assurance bug tracking system used by We frequently trained new employees in the installation of required software and tools for their position.

Coordinated and Defined Development Standards - New hires were trained by Mess in the include and design development process, the application programming structure, development environment, information architecture, and coding and style guidelines. Mess helped define the development cycle interface used by the engineering department (Visual Source Safe and Homesite integration)and provided tool usage guidelines for uniform development throughout the company.

Fostered Communication - Mess worked with and led international product and design teams in the creation of the site through two product cycle releases. Mess performed as the main coordinator of front end functionality requests to the entire engineering team of permanent and contract software engineers. We happily facilitated the communication process between product managers in the UK and the engineering team in San Francisco during our contract.

Mess worked on the creation and redesign of all Cold Fusion pages that comprise the Pure Markets financial lease application. During our contract, we provided the following services; branding discovery and style guide creation, program retooling and coding, training and consulting.

Branding Discovery - Designed site logo and chose all site colors and fonts. Consulted with other 3rd party design firms to choose a look and feel appropriate for the site application. Mess was responsible for writing a style guideline used by a 3rd party Cold Fusion development team implement the site.

Coding - Mess utilized CSS, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript and forms-based Perl functionality to accomplish the task of recoding the financial application. All pages were re-programmed all application to conform to strict 3.2 HTML coding standards. Mess also wrote technical proposals for 2nd release development cycle features.

Training and Consulting - Met daily with company founders to shape the application product to the business model. Set up skeleton development process between Mess and all 3rd party developers. Instructed founders on Web constraints and concerns that could effect performance and application stability. Mess trained other 3rd party contract programmers in the form and coding standards of the site.


eStar looked to Mess Enterprises for a complete solution - build a development team, build a site design, build a store and integrate a news team's content output from remote offices. During our stay with eStar, Mess provided the following startup services; leadership and recruiting, code development and coordination, design and information architecture, and training and consulting.

Leadership and Recruiting - Mess headed the development of the company's first software team comprised of in-house contractors, remote contractors, and 3rd party developers. Mess was responsible for identifying and hiring IT staff, engineers, and graphical designers. Mess also coordinated other new hires across the company which interfaced with software development for the site. Mess managed the development process and integration of threaded message sites for specific celebrities.

Code Development and Coordination - Mess defined, coded and designed the online store application. This work included the store catalog, registration and account maintenance pages, the shopping basket, taxation and shipping pages, and special items in the store. Mess designed, coded and produced all INTERSHOP templates used in the storefront. Community development was defined by Mess and development efforts were assigned to a community software company. Mess input celebrity attribute database values; such as celebrity Ids, color themes, message board paths, and other biographical information required for message board integration and media soft launch.

Design and Information Architecture - Mess was responsible for site navigation and a majority of the instructional site content, explanatory help text, and the registration interface. Mess developed and produced or managed the production of the front-end look and feel of the site. Mess also produced graphic designs for news, community and celebrity biographical pages. Mess developed the original photo biography design for identifying celebrity images on each main star site. Mess also wrote explanatory text for a Java servlet which enabled celebrity updates in the form of a mailing list. Site maps, an FAQ, and Help text pages were also handled by Mess.

Training and Consulting - Mess instructed 3rd party integration teams on implementation needs and how to expand on previously defined INTERSHOP templates. Mess instructed the 3rd party application service provider in the technical and design specifications of the store. Mess also instructed editors and writers in LA offices on the use of static and dynamic content systems and content delivery needs. Coordination was also provided to engineers on how to implement the Perl and Cold Fusion business rules of a 2nd release content management system.


Mess created an original musical composition, arrangement and soundtrack for Proxicom's recruitment CD. This CD is handed out to all potential Proxicom candidates for a review of the company and benefits Proxicom offers. This instrumental composition runs over four minutes and is in the style of a cool Swing.

Mess also created an original musical composition, arrangement and soundtrack for the international Six Flags theme parks Flash movie introduction. This introduction runs on entry into the main Web site and runs for two minutes. This instrumental composition is upbeat, backed by thumping bass, sound effects and lends itself well to the thrill of a roller coaster ride simulation that runs throughout the introductory movie.


Mess worked with Ammo marketing over the course of two months setting up network capabilities and repairing virus infected computers. This work was performed remotely and on site through OS upgrades, patches, and virus software tools. Mess IT installed modem dialup and network server protocols. We also upgraded Ammo's server software to act as a print sharing unit under a Windows network. We cabled the Ammo office to accept Ethernet network connections between mobile computers. Finally, we Installed network protocols on all systems to create a company network that provides access to their network printer.


Wrote proposal design specifications for thematic invitational Web application. Created graphic compositions for eight differently themed invitations. Worked with design department to follow design guidelines and application constraints. Designed elemental and companion graphics to be carried through all dynamic pages in the proposed Web application. Prepared other navigational and information architecture features for Web application development.

Created graphical logo thumbnails for from company catalog of online sites. Followed style, size and color guidelines for producing graphics. Over eight hundred logos were created. This work involved color processing, retouching, and graphical recreation of some poorly formed images used by Web companies. Utilized PhotoShop, Fireworks and Illustrator programs to scale, skew and conform logos to graphic constraints.

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