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PROGRAMMING is the core of the web page. Mess Programming provides front-end coding expertise for your software or Web site needs.

Since 1995, on a UNIX mainframe writing HTML with vi at the command line, Mess code has been ahead of its time. Mess continues to provide the highest quality code available; modular, functional and bug free.

Mess Enterprises follows W3C coding standards which make your pages accessible and clear. We can work with your engineering group or provide our own Java programmers. Let us help you define the idea and help plan for the software design.

HTML Review our HTML anywhere on mess. Each page was built from the ground up, from graphical layouts, or storyboards. Commercial work on the client page also relied on client specifications.

JavaScript Some of our best validation JavaScript is part of the Sportsplace demonstration store that ships with INTERSHOP4. Also, check out our Rufo Puzzles too.

XML Mess Enterprises has produced XML data structures and parsed data objects from databases and flat files. Let us help your company define your own name space structure.

Java We use Java throughout the Rufo Puzzles section of Mess. We also worked with Java at eStar and Flutter, to parse application server driven data from Oracle databases.

Perl is utilized at Mess to run our Guestbook, our voting polls, and our form submissions. A working knowledge of Perl was used to customize software for Mindspring, Orbit, PacBell & FirstWorld.

Dynamic Scripting At Mess we have scripted JSP, TCL and ASP. Work performed at Flutter and Sybase involved scripting templates and utilizing the import of Java classes, SQL queries and proprietary scripting languages.

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