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E-COMMERCE provided by Mess Enterprises can help you attract and maintain customers. Our experience with application design, specialized service industries and international support gives our clients the information and edge needed to succeed.

Mess Enterprises provides consulting that enables clients bring products and services to market fast. We will help you expand the scalability of your website, plus make the chdeckout experience quick and easy.

Here are some examples of transactional software that Mess has helped develop for ISP's, enterprise portals and niche services alike.

What kind of commerce?
Transactional - this site allows users to bet against one another on almost any sport and on many topics of interest. This is a page where users place bets using monies deposited to a flutter bank account. This site runs on a JSP platform provided by WebLogic.

What kind of commerce?
ISP commerce - this software, sold to commerce and hosting providers, offers a subscribing merchant a full-featured store, product catalog, credit processing and user management. This highly customizable software is the top selling commerce software in Europe and Latin America.

What kind of commerce?
Retail - although new entries to the '-etail' market are receiving a difficult market entry, Palm Pilot sales are doing well. A typical transaction day for amounts to over 10,000 unique sales. The catalog and basket interface, followed by quick shipping information, make the Palm Store a quick and easy way to get a PDA.
Pure Markets
What kind of commerce?
Industry commerce - Pure Markets is a unique clearing house portal for buyers and sellers who can submit or review RFQ's (Requests for Equipment). Pure Markets connects these financial partners quicker and more efficiently through their application interface. This site runs on Cold Fusion.
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