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DESIGN takes a commitment to color as well as simplicity. Mess Design has the resources and skills that help our clients realize their visual ideas.

Mess uses pixel and vector based graphic programs, as well as original artwork and story boards to produce ideas and concepts for our clients. Let us help you with your next design concept.

All designs on Mess and our affiliates (Rufo and vonHeffelfinger) were created by Mess professionals. Below is a sample look at some of our previous commercial design projects.

Palm Pilot Transaction Design:

The Palm Pilot site 'basket' is the first page you see outside of the catalog at This site needed a lot of instructions without taking up all available space. At the same time, the client wanted large buttons to let a user know there are more steps to complete their order. These transaction pages required an elegant and simple concept; buy now.

ePages Mall Design:

This design was constructed as an entry point to a multitude software application. This application is available to companies who want to brand a shopping portal with their own corporate look and feel. The purpose of this design was to clearly delineate each area a user, merchant or service provider would use to access their areas of use from a central main page.

Sportsplace Store Design:

Sportsplace was designed to be a store for retailers and for consumers. The home page has two different layouts and offer different functionality based on customer type. Each type of customer receives discounts based on the volume of business they do with the store. This design shows discounts, product information, and category specific colors to reinforce the biking catalog.

ecommercePark Portal Design:

ecommercePark chose to OEM their version of the ePages mall application, and this is their portal home page design. Other ISP's like FirstWorld, Mindspring & Concentric have chosen similar layouts, modeled closely on this layout, color scheme and organization.

Training Store Tutorial Design:

This demonstration store was built to explain how each page in the store can be created, modified, or extended. This product page layout has a lot of information to convey, and does so with a simple informational layout below the product image.

eStarCentral Community Design:

eStar ambitiously chose to create an instant community filled with content, rooms, stars and users. This community page is very dynamic; the outline of the star when you first visit this page is not seen until you rollover the different community areas a user might want to visit.

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