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IT Management is available for hardware and software support through project management, quality assurance and network administration.

The best kind of IT support is that which keeps IT running smoothly. Mess IT has the skills and resources your next project demands.

Here is a quick outline of the IT support we deliver.

Project Management helps keep a deliverable on track and on time. A project manager can coordinate engineering ideas within your team, and make sure upper management is kept abreast of the problems and successes development produces. Using enterprise tools like MSProject and Power Point presentations, Mess will make sure all members of the development team are busy, clear on what is expected, and capable of completing their job.

Quality Assurance begins with clear 'Use Case' definitions for a product or application. These cases form what is known as 'White Box' or unit testing, which verifies program structure and logic. The next step is 'Black Box' or regression testing, which discovers omissions and failures in meeting use case definitions and product outlines.

We use enterprise standards to track and document (SILK, WinRunner, PVCS, and VSS), and our colleagues will provide a quick and reliable progress report for each phase of the project. Let Mess Enterprises help you get rid of the bugs.

Network Administration often includes the installation, configuration and maintenance of servers, printers, protocols and firewalls. Mess provides hardware and network support for large and small user groups and numerous OS platforms. Our experts have extensive experience with data storage, transfer options, hubs, routers and ports.

We can maintain a network on Windows, UNIX or Macintosh. There is no need to worry about connectivity and security when you have Mess support. Mess professionals will help you make the technical decisions that best suit your needs.

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