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PHOTOGRAPHY from Mess provides a quality look for a reasonable price. We provide portraiture, product photos, landscapes and specialized works.

Mess can give you greater creative control. One of the benefits of digital photography and electronic prepress is the streamlined workflow it offers. We take your photos, create a proof sheet for you at the computer, and email you the photos for your review. When you pick out your favorites, we'll optimize these for the web and send you back the finished product. Doing this gives you the advantage; it's faster, smoother and more economical. Without any compromise in quality.

Mess understands the impact of design & photography on your communications. For flyers, catalogues, brochures, ads, packaging, posters, large format displays, or corporate identity - we specialize in professional presentation and eye-catching design. Because this is how you win your customer's attention. From concept & design to electronic prepress and print management - Mess works closely with you or your design & marketing firm to create work that informs, sells, and excites.





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