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TECHNICAL WRITING requires a thorough analysis of your content and a firm understanding of your audience to best communicate your message. We specialize in developing documentation for a wide variety of industries. Mess writers are engineers who have had training in technical communication and information structuring. Our years of experience can assure a quick and proficient turn-around on all projects including process development, online help, and marketing materials.

As a member of your project team, we can put our qualifications to work setting guidelines for information collection, preparing drafts and ensuring that your reports best reflect your team's technical expertise.

Work can be sent using email or fax. Several return formats are available; as a file for various word processing programs, on paper or on diskette-simply specify your requirements. It is our policy to not copy, distribute, discuss or otherwise pass on any information contained in the work sent to us. All work is kept strictly confidential.

User Documentation - User manual, end-user training, on-line help, reference guide User documentation includes all types of documentation meant to be used by end-users of technological products. This can include:

  1. Owners, buyers and end-users of various machines and equipment
  2. End-users of software applications

Technical documentation - Repair manual, technical training manual, installation manual Technical documentation includes all types of documentation meant to be used by a technical staff. This can include:

  1. Research and development
  2. Service management and staff.

Business Documentation - Policies and procedures, content for corporate intranets, newsletters and datasheets We can assist you to define responsibilities throughout your organizations and develop procedures to help maximize your operations effectiveness. Comprehensive policy and procedure documentation can produce enormous cost savings and improve employee productivity. Whether you hope to develop appropriate work methods, hiring practices or purchasing procedures, accurate documentation is a key requirement.
Business documentation includes all types of documentation that is used internally in your company. This can include:

  1. Information for intranets and extranets
  2. Technical marketing documentation.
We have gained a lot of experience in writing content for intranets (business processes and procedures) and internal training manuals. In addition, we also write and design product sheets, brochures and newsletters.

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